Tracking & Locating

OEM User-Protection-System

TeraTron OEM protection systems

Are used where operator protection in hazardous work areas such as underground engineering is essential. BOMAG multi-purpose compactors are equipped with TeraTron technology. In case the operator steps into the protection area of 1.5m around the compactor, it automatically stops to prevent accidents.

Applied technology:
- 125kHz
- 868/916MHz

TeraTron LPS

Maintaining the overview

This saves lifes in dangerous situations.

If help is needed, rapid localization is particularly important.

The TeraTron LPS person locator helps. Proven for years, even under the harshest conditions. In the chemical sector, in tunnel construction or in industry.

Many logistics and automation applications also rely on LPS.

TeraTron PSS

The TeraTron PSS personal protection system was developed for use in care facilities and clinics.

As "runaway protection" for the disoriented, the system discreetly controls access, prevents accidents and even protects human lifes.

Furthermore, doors and barriers, for example, can be opened and closed without contact.